Out, Damned Smell...!

22:55:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

This mug seemed innocent enough when I spotted it on ebay...

but when I opened the package I was confronted with yet another smelly item!

I never thought ceramic objects could absorb odours like my unfortunate vinyl bag but now I shall never forget.  The stench when you hovered your nose over the rim was quite horrific - clearly unusable as a drinking mug - but I was not to be beaten.

First I tried a baking soda and water concoction - no effect.
I tried it again - no effect.
I used vinegar - no effect.

It reminded me of my favourite Seinfeld episode, The Smelly Car when a valet with horrendous B.O. manages to 'deposit' the odour into Jerry's car.  It then attaches itself to Jerry and Elaine, who are unable to rid themselves of the stench. Jerry pays to get his car valeted but after forking out a lot of money, "it still smells"!  As a last resort, Elaine uses tomato sauce to remove the smell from her hair. 

So I tried, tomato sauce - no effect.

I decided to leave the mug until I had more time to tackle the 'unholy' problem and left it on my kitchen window sill in the hopes that sunlight would have some effect.  About a week or so later, I sniffed and voila... the stench was gone.  I can now use my mug for the purpose in which it was created - hooray.


  1. Strange! But someone tell me how sellers can't notice a bad smell?

    People said about my musty chair that other folks "get used to the smell, so don't notice it themselves".

    Uh huh. Somehow, I doubt that =/

    Glad your stinkie item was 'fixed'!

  2. I'm trying to de-stink a piece of furniture. It is from the 60's when noone blinked an eye at smoking indoors. I have to try to reverse decades of cig. smoke. Mostly I just open the windows and try to air it out as often as possible. I also found a little vinyl bag at a sale that is reallllly stinky! I'm gonna try to launder that one. I'm glad good ole sunshine got rid of your smells!

  3. okay, i NEED to own this mug, but why the smell? i don't get it, as you said, how does ceramic absorb odor? glad it finally vanished. wonder if watered down bleach have been too harsh?