Hey, Hey...

10:11:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

I'm going to see the Monkees tonight!
Will report back.


  1. OMG!!! Your're going to have so much fun! they put on an awesome show!

  2. I filled in backstage at a local theater several years ago and got to do up a couple snaps on Micky's costume. He was playing Charlemagne in Pippin. It's the only time I've ever been starstruck at my job. All I could think was: "OMGI"MDRESSINGAMONKEEEEEEEE!" He was very nice.
    Have fun!

  3. Way too cool!!!! What do you wear to a Monkeys
    Concert? Have the best time, love to them all!
    xo Sue

  4. monogirl - I'd be starstruck too!

    Pixie and Missy - thanks, I did :)

    Sue - Well, not sure about others but I wore a navy striped shirt with a-line navy skirt, red cardigan and matching red tights.