18:54:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I bought this dress today - it makes me so happy.  I need to do a few sit-ups to do it justice but it I couldn't resist it.

Thankyou to all the good wishes on my new home.  I am pleased to say it is ours and we just have to wait til the 19th to pick up the keys.  We bought a huge new bed this weekend (to arrive when we move in) and it is LUVVERLY, although not particularly mod.  I'll have to style it up with some funky bedding (which will most likely be my next post).



  1. Adorable dress! Reminds me of what lots of girls were wearing during my college days. Of course, I was a hippie chick and was wearing bell bottoms, halter tops and Army jackets...LOL Glad to see you no longer MIA.

  2. you're too cute needing to do sit ups. i'm sure you look great. very cool dress. ps when i clicked to your page my virus scanner went off saying it blocked a potential issue or something. weird???