Shelf Control

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I've been trying to determine the best way to display my expanding tiki collection.  I need some kind of shelving but do I want bamboo or wooden?  And if wooden, do I go for the darker woods (or stains) or white as in keeping with the rest of my flat.  Either way, I think tiki mugs look best when there's lots of them all squished together... so I better keep on collecting!

via The Week Enders
via TikiKing

In other news, my pictures are now finally on the wall in my lounge room and we have our gorgeous tulip chairs giving even more space age funk to the place.  I'll get around to posting pictures 'someday'.


  1. Is there a way to do a dark wood shelf in front of a split bamboo background? Best of both worlds!

  2. Have you considered glass shelving? It will complement your space age funk theme and has the added benefit of letting more light onto the collectibles.

  3. That's also something to think about. Thanks Bonnie.

  4. I actually like the shelving in the first picture. Modern and clean, it really makes the tikis stand out.