Cheesy Retro Party Food

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Looks like a vintage pic from the late sixties, non?

Actually it's a picture I took from Christmas last week (with a bit of image manipulation, of course).

I got the idea from Go Retro's blog post about frightening festive food earlier this month. She posted this picture and commented on its similarity to a Christmas tree.

I thought that it looked easy (and cheesy) enough for me to have a go - so I did. I decided to use green grapes as well as the cherries to continue the Christmas theme. The cocktail onions were an after thought. It probably would have looked more effective with more but to be honest I got a bit fed up of it. Especially, as I could hear everyone else not in the kitchen enjoying themselves.

Here is a non-manipulated picture of my creation.

After Christmas dinner, we removed the table and chairs and set up snack and drink areas. I displayed the cheesy pineapple with the punch and the tiki bowl I got from the London Trader Vic's for my birthday. I borrowed the punch bowl from my friend. Now, I'm on the lookout for a funky mid century style punch bowl set for myself.

Although this 'project' was particularly easy, it has inspired me to try some other mid century recipes - preferably not the scary looking ones with gelatine and loads of spam.


  1. nothing says aloha party like this app! another favorite of mine is the atomic starburst on a cabbage half: olives & cheese frilly toothpicked in the leafy brain. mmmmm! i'm concentrating on franks, pickles & cream chz tonight. happy new year!

  2. Oh I love this and really wish I did this for a Christmas Eve party I had. It would have been perfect! Darn!


  3. Now this is certainly an ice breaker for any shindig! I'm definitely trying this appetizer out next year! Love it.

  4. Looks gorgeous and bet it's delicious! I did the same thing with a head of cauliflower once and put cut veggies on it to form an atomic looking crudite platter. Happy New Year! Stan

  5. I'd love to see pictures of these 'atomic' food creations, Heidi and Elegant. I can't quite envision them.

    Tracy, Dolores and Dyche - your challenge is to involve the cheesy pineapple in your next shindig.

    I'd like to see pictures when you do :)

  6. These are dad used to make these in the 50s thanks for the flashback...come by and visit, Dianne