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A little while ago, I blogged about some fantastic tea towels designed for Marimekko by Sanna Annukka. Well, she now has her own website and online shop where, among other things, you can buy the lovely print above (which would look great in my hallway) or the funky wooden birds below (which remind me of those gorgeous Carlton Ware birds I also blogged about not so long ago).
This information is probably not new to you as I've already seen this information on other blogs but after digging around on her new site, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Keane album cover for 'Under the Iron Sea' was designed by Sanna! Apparently, she sold a print to a friend of the band who then commissioned her for the album artwork - how fortuitous!
Sanna also designed this Marks & Spencer's biscuit tin:
I'm sure I've seen that biscuit tin around. I'm definitely going to have a look and see if they still sell them in these tins and snap one up!
I've not seen these tins though. They were for Finnish coffee brand, Paulig. Anyone from Finland want to send me a tin? :)

I recommend taking a look at her site - where you can see some more of her inspiring designs. A talented lady, indeed.

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  1. I love her style, it has a Charlie Harper meets 60's Scandinavian modern thing going on. I want one of those Finnish coffee tins too!