Christmas Quest Finale 2009

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At long last I have managed to salvage my Christmas photos. I had to buy a card reader though and I urge you all to 'remove your hardware safely' just like your computer always tells you to do. I only really bothered to do that with my ipod and that was the only USB device still working so I think that my devices were basically corrupted. Luckily I've managed to squeeze in this post before New Year.

Anyway, above is my tree. I know it looks a little sparse but it's one of those pop up trees given to me by a friend so I had to tie each decoration on individually and eventually got fed up of it. I prefer to think of it as a modern, minimalist look (but my tree next year is gonna ROCK).

Next are some closeups of my amazing tree topper and some of the glorious vintage baubles hanging on my tree.

I promised to show some before and after shots of my wee, little flat. Sorry the images have turned out quite small but you get the overall effect.

The fish tank was detaining some vicious fish evicted from the community aquarium due to bad behaviour and is now gone. We finally got around to moving the exercise bike into the garage and I swapped the cylindrical light shades for round paper ones for that snowball effect. You can just make out the snowflake stickers on the windows. I got some new picture frames and bedecked the place with tealights and colourful candle holders (hard to see in this picture) that we bought for our wedding. The drawer unit the fish tank was on has become part of the table along with a fold up table (and chairs) kindly loaned to me by a colleague.

Due to space issues (remember this is a small one bedroom flat), we needed to use the bathroom to store/chill drinks. So I added lots more lights in there as well. With the lights off I think it looked very effective and kind of made me forget that I was, well, in the bathroom. It did get incredibly warm in there with all the flames but it was pretty.

Remember the colourful baubles I got from Heal's? Well, I put them into small fish bowl vases (also from our wedding - we put smarties in them!) and you can see the Babell cake stand with mini mince pies and chocolates. As you can see, this was displayed on our television/entertainment unit - we needed all the surface area we had.

I should also add that David (aka Ebbo) cooked our entire Christmas dinner for five people and it was absolutely scrumptious. He really excelled himself. He also made a Christmas cake from scratch and his own trifle. Hurrah!

In the centre you can see my beloved Carlton Ware cruet set which I thought I had blogged about before but mustn't have. We had a great Christmas Day and I hope you all did too.

If you are new to my blog, you may want to click the links in the post. They will take you to the related Christmas Quest posts I made in preparation for the day. Enjoy!

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  1. How lovely! Everything looks so fresh and cheery. And delicious!