And the Winner is...

22:06:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

... Pixie!
Congratulations to Pixie, who has won the CSN giveaway.
Welcome to all my new followers - I hope you'll stick around.
Thanks also to all my loyal followers (and to those who only drop in occasionally). It's nice to think someone is out there.

Below is the video of Wreford the MoonHammie choosing the winner:


  1. Awwww Yay I's loved! And I love your lil MoonHammie! He's adorable...and smart LOL I've found that Russians really are the sweetest, all the other breeds thought I tasted like Hammie kibble and kept trying to knaw my fingers off...

    But anyway LOL

    Thanks again for hosting the giveaway and thank you to Wreford!

  2. Yea Pixie! Moonhammie is the cutest.

  3. *beams with pride*
    Yes, Wreford is adorable and smart. He's certainly brought some joy into my life.

    Your prize should be winging its way to you soon, Pixie.

  4. I got it thanks! Seriously thinking about going with the lighhouse lamp to send to my gran....mildy worried about handling of said lamp though.....mmmmm

    And Wreford is a cutie, glad you found you a sweetie!