Before they were Bradys II

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Last year, I posted about the Brady kids 'before they were Bradys'.  I didn't think I'd be able to find more footage but it turns out the young Maureen McCormick, in particular, appeared in quite a few popular shows before she became Marcia. She even appeared in Bewitched TWICE.

In 1964 she played 'Little Endora', one of Samantha and Darrin's imagined children.  In the scene, she bickers with her brother and makes him disappear.

Skip to about 4:55:

The next year, Maureen scored a bigger part - playing a junior version of Endora herself. Endora (the senior version) is angry with Darrin for insisting Samantha spends Halloween entertaining at home, rather than go out with her. She turns herself into a trick or treating child and gets back at Darrin by turning him slowly into a werewolf.

Skip to 8:30:

I'll be back with more...


  1. What a great blast from the past! Thanks for finding and sharing. You've got a new follower.

  2. Bewitched was one of my favorite shows back then. I had never realized till now that Maureen McCormick was in any episodes, although I remember the werewolf episode well.

  3. Thanks DHH - I've followed you right back - you seem like my kinda gal ;)

    Dana - I remember watching Bewitched every now and then because my mother liked it but don't remember ANY episodes. I remember I thought Samantha was really pretty.