That Doll

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I''ve never seen an episode of 'That Girl' but I'm still aware of its existence, largely due to countless references in other programs.  For a while now, I was on the lookout for cool paper dolls because I remember enjoying them as a child although I don't remember much about them.

These scans of the 'That Girl Paper Doll Book' from 1967 are available from Teri Pettit's Paper Doll Land.  I'm gonna print them out and relive part of my childhood in a much, cooler way than I ever did the first time.

All 9 pages available here.


  1. Marlo Thomas was so cute in that role. I loved that show! What a great paper doll book!

  2. Oh joy oh joy !! I am so glad you shared this.....I ADORED 'That Girl' and wanted to be just like her. Recently I have been trying to get my 60's vibe on again and have been meaning to google her outfits....I am all gee'd up to do so now that I have been reminded of the wonderful red suit and hat in the opening scenes....once again, thanks so much for re-inspiring me (as you do many many times, but I am often to slack to comment !!!)